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Nail art by Aya1gou

Not really a tutorial but more of a “this is how I painted Lilo”
You can check out the full post {here}
again the green polish is China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener. everything else is acrylic paint

Silhouette art nails
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This striping tape mani was a lot of work and took me 2 days. But I love the outcome. I used too many polishes to name here, but I posted a photo of them all a couple days ago. To paint in the tiny spaces I used my Edinburg grace 24 brush from @stylishnailart! #nailart

Way to really plan out those letters jenn…They say Happy Easter if you cant tell! These were cuter in my head, but they still turned out alllllright i think! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Easter egg nails with a crucifix charm from Hex Nail jewelry. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

30 Day Challenge: Day 18 - Flowers/Floral Print

Roy Lichtenstein Nails

30 Day Challenge: Day 19 - Distressed Mani