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Mani Monday: Donut Nails 3-Ways


We love donuts. The Hunt community loves donuts. EVERYBODY loves donuts and this week’s Mani Monday by Lindsey of Wondrously Polished showcases three incredible donut mani’s for you to love over and over again. Which one is your fave? Tell us in the comments below. 




Get these looks: 


1. Paint your nails your favorite donut icing pink and let dry completely. 
2. With a light pink polish, paint 2-3 long dashes, spread out on each nail. This is the start of your sprinkles.
3-5. Repeat step 2 with a yellow, light blue and white polish. Space them randomly on each nail to finish up your sprinkled donut icing. 
If you like a simple look, add your top coat here and enjoy your sprinkled mani…Or, move on to step 6 for that little extra something! 

6. With a tan polish, add a wavy strip along the tip and near the cuticles of each nail. This gives more of a ‘donut’ look than just the sprinkles of the previous look. Add a top coat. 

If you’re up for something a little more complex, try this version instead!


1. Paint your nails with your favorite white (or any shade you’d like!) polish and let dry completely. 
2. With a tan polish, paint the bases of your donuts. Space them out so that you fit 3-4 donuts per finger, letting some of them peak off the edge of the nail. If the center circle is tricky, paint a solid tan circle then add a white dot in the center with a dotting tool. 
3. With a light pink polish, add the frosting to each donut. Make the edges of the frosting slightly wavy. 
4-7. Next, add your sprinkles. Using a yellow, blue, white and dark pink polish, add small dashes in each color to each donut. 
Finish off your look with your favorite top coat and enjoy! 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so here are some pink nails I have done to raise some more awareness! Hope you’re all thinking pink this month!{I’ve also just finished a short film on a breast cancer patient, I’m about to post the video separately, or you can click here to view! Please take a look! I’ve also written about it and my nails in more depth on my blog, Drops of Brandy}

I have been obsessed with Kristin of Laquerstyle since I found her account a few months back, so I finally decided to attempt to recreate her famous vintage floral mani in blue! Needless to say, mine doesn’t hold a candle to her original, but I don’t think they came out half bad. Lol

Chrome Herringbone

I’ve been craving my @mikutsutaya nails from the summer but I can’t get out to @vanityprojects so I had to try it myself >.< It definitely doesn’t do @mikutsutaya’s work justice- it’s amazing! @cultcosmetics El Porto -an incredible one coater- and @orlynails Luxe -my new favorite gold!- is the accent!

Kawaii Space friends!