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Do the polka missladyfinger.

Yesterday was the start of the 31 Day Challenge! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last did this one, but I’m excited to do it again! I forgot to post this here yesterday, whoops. 
Polishes used: Elevation Polish - Volcanic Dust and Elevation Polish - Weddell Sea(accent nail base)
Flowers were Volcanic dust(dark red) and acrylic paint(bright red/leaves)

oops forgot to post these yesterday. Just a simple striped design using striping tape from Twinkled T. Ps you can use coupon code Celine for 10% off your order.

For Day 2 of the 31DC2014, I chose to paint my nails like octopus tentacles!Full post here.

Anonymous asked: You havent been posting as much as you used to lately

I know i’m sorry i’ve been busy lately, studying and stuff, but i'm try to do my best /: